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Local Heritage

Experienced owners

Style et relaxation





Reduced carbon footprint


We give you our complete trust and a respect for all that you are here in the Maison Bleue as well as giving you the keys to our own house! We take great pleasure in helping you with anything you need during your stay. Your own good manners and courtesy will enable us to share more moments together in the future if you wish to return one day.
Whether you like culture and history or good restaurants (or both at the same time!) let us know. We'll search out the best places to go and give you our own advice. Or if you prefer your own independance, don't worry, that suits us too!
Our main objective is to make sure you have the best experience you can in Bordeaux.

An Open Mind

Our Bed and Breakfast was born out of the choas and unpredictability of life...
We had a beautiful typical bordelais house, one which was big enough to welcome a few more people through its doors.
In time some ideas to resolve this problem presented themselves, little by little through chance meetings and opportunities. These solutions inspired me to welcome people from all over the world, starting with young ERASMUS students, moving to adults, and finally our house transformed into a Bed and Breakfast. It has already been eight years and every day I delight in discovering more about whoever walks through my door.

Enter as our guests, leave as our friends



Happy to help and attentive to your suggestions, if there's anything you'd like just ask! If we can, we'll do our best to grant your wish or find an alternative to suit you.




We welcome you into our real family home, not in a designer styled decor run by employees. We are a real bordelais family, rather than a Parisian who has bought a house in Bordeaux and manages the Bed and Breakfast from miles away. It is this which assures a real authentic experience and the warm welcome from someone who lives, loves and works in the house.

A real, lived-in house

With nearly four decades of experience in Bordeaux we can introduce you to the customs, the places worth going to and those best to leave to tourists, and as real locals of the city, we're completely unbiased in our recommendations! We spend lots of time striding across our region and trying out a range of new activities. So don't be taken aback if you turn up randomly on a Sunday afternoon and we're not there! It's for the greater good!

We'll always find a way to let you in if we're not there!

Bordelais born and bred

You'll benefit from an authentically Bordelais setting. Our house (une échoppe by the local name) whose facade has been protected as a listed building is in one of the bordelais' favourite areas to bring up their children. In an affluent but not snobby area, just a stone's throw away from the very centre, you'll find single-storeyed houses in a green, leafy area. St Genès is an area as much treasured for its quality of life as St Seurin, Croix Blanche and Jardin Public, thanks to the presence of the échoppes.

In welcoming you into our home we hope to show you the best of local life.

Take in the happiness of the locals

A simple way of life based on the happiness brought about by the simplest things :

  • a barbecue created from the burning of vines
  • a trip to the marché des capucins
  • a day's outing to cap ferret
  • a long night on the terrace of a local restaurant

See also our tips and recommendations by clicking on Enjoy Bordeaux at the top of the page



Here you'll find lovers of nature and the outdoors.

In la Maison Bleue we're also invested in  'des adeptes de l'économie alternative' and the responsable usage of resources.

Here's some things you might like to know...

The daily maintenance of your room and the housework is done with natural, simple products : alcohol, vinegar, bleach and soft soap.

As little chemical products as possible

The garden is cared for in natural ways. The figs, plums (and who knows, maybe apricots soon) from the garden are used to make the jam. We compost our rubbish at the bottom of the garden and then reuse it in the soil. No fertilisers. Organic but homemade.

The laundry is washed with natural detergent, air dried and ironed ourselves. We don't use fabric softener or a tumble dryer. To do our sheets we use a local charity which allows us to contribute to the employment of mentally handicapped people.

Saving resources

We go into your room everyday. In order to not wash clean laundry unecessarily, we only change the towels after 3 days or when they're too wet. We choose towels which are textured to dry more quickly during the day. If you want them to be changed, put them on the floor of the shower.

Equally, in order not to generate unnecessary waste; you'll see that we provide our complimentary toiletries in big bottles and not in containers meant for one use only. This applies to the jams, the cotton wool etc.

The house is set to 20 °C . If you need it to be 24 °C, because you're used to working in maternity ward or heated accomodation, think about bringing a jumper with you.

We don't use air conditioning either, by keeping our house well, this works 363 days a year. We open the windows in the house at night and turn on the fans in your rooms.

The house is equiped with LED light bulbs throughout an and machines run when the demand in electricity is the lesser. Both our cars have been CO2 emission free since 2020

Our next project  will be "rainwater harvesting"  from our 100 m2 north roof..